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Molecular Architecture of cutaneous Hidradenocarcinoma - MEAN-HC

This project was initiated based on findings in one index patient with metastatic hidradenocarcinoma. Astonishing genetic and clinical outcome data from this patient and the lack of published molecular information for cutaneous hidradenocarcinoma (cHC), made us approach our DACH-wide network of dermatooncologists to gather the thus far largest collection of cHC cases (n=40).


Our index case highlights the power of detailed molecular characterisations of cHC to better understand underlying pathomechanistic processes and, what is more, provide the rational for effective modern cancer treatment. To date however, data and research investigating the molecular profile of cHC is sparse, which is due to the orphan status of the disease.

We have set out to deliver the following:

Aim 1. To identify clinical and histological hallmarks of cHC.

Aim 2. To identify genetic aberrations of cHC. 

Aim 3. To characterize expression profiles and dysregulated signaling networks of cHC.

The large collection of cHC gives us the unique opportunity to systematically investigate the pathophysiology of this rare cancer in a representative cohort, and to uncover cHC specific vulnerabilities that could be used therapeutically.

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